Our Vision

Making the society Clean Green & Hygienic with participation & service of the people for preserving the Ecology.

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Our Mission

Work Towards keeping city clean & hygiene Making city green To prevent deforestation Proper reuse of organic & inorganic materials

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Our Objectives

- Educating the people about importance of Environmental Prevention. -  Creating a social awareness to achieve the Vision & Mission.    

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Welcome to Bugle Trust (R.), Karnataka

Welcome to Bugle Trust (R.), Karnataka – one of the largest youth social organization of Karnataka.

Reason behind the “Bugle” (A Musical Instrument): A self initiated team of Young Tumakuru ignited from ‘Clean India’ concept has started it through “Swachh Bharath Abhiyaan” on 20th Sep 2017. Later, the trust adopted the concept of NEW INDIA #SankalpSeSiddhiI Stand For Clean India.

Bugle Trust provides the platform to young talented youth to serve the Society, Nation and to flourish our Indian values, culture. Bugle Trust – It is a Social Service Organization of Karnataka with just a handful of dedicated volunteers who are committed / willing to dedicate their free time on Education, Environment and Cleanliness of their Places. Only with these necessities can a family live with dignity and its children grow up safely.

Our Motto

  • Green and Hygienic Society

Our Aim

  • To work towards improving the clean and healthy India.
  • Creating the awareness of deforestation.
  • Management of wet and dry waste.

Our Commitments

  • Cleaning the city everyday for Two hours in the morning
  • Planting the tree sapling
  • Management of waste – Awareness programmes which includes the participation of Ex-Service men and students of city
  • Awareness about pollution during festivals
  • Awareness programmes for street vendors about waste and trash management
  • Cleaning, maintains of un-maintained gardens of city

Our Service

  • Awareness programmes for students about waste management, Diseases and importance of Forestation and donation of blood and organs
  • Physical and cultural activities which promotes the importance of cleanliness and hygiene

Our Priorities

  • To educate the people and spread literacy, particularly among women, in order to bring about a sustainable change in the society
  • To implement educational, environmental, social welfare and health care programs in economically depressed areas with focus on projects which promote self-employment under various schemes of Govt. of India
  • To focus toward future self-employment with the hope of breaking the cycle of ongoing dependency, while giving immediate assistance to families in the current crisis

Our Activities

  • Health Checkup Camps by experts like General Health, Eye, Dental, E.N.T, Blood Donation, Diabetes, Pink and AIDS awareness Camps.
  • Restoration of Unmaintained parks in the City.
  • Health and Clean awareness program for young students.

Future Plans

  • Providing Tree sapling home to home.
  • Installing fixed dustbin in public places.